A Taste of Curacao

Now that I’ve got your attention with that gorgeous picture of Playa Santa Cruz located in Curacao, lets begin this voyage shall we? Curacao is an island of beautiful beaches and distinct culture. It is located in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela and is considered part of the Kingdom of Netherlands, which is why most of its citizens are in fact Dutch. Its white sands and coral reefs tend to attract visitors to snorkel and scuba dive near beaches like Playa Santa Cruz, as well as other beaches like Playa Forti. This country tends to be associated with the color “blue” due to the shade of the liquor also named Curacao. I have traveled to this mystical island several times in my 21 years of living and can honestly say the most charming characteristic that this island has to offer is its colorful Dutch culture.  Who wouldn’t want to experience the enchantment of the Netherlands and yet have the perks of being in the Caribbean at the same time?


This video will allow you to take a virtual tour around the island and allow you to get your feet wet on the shores of the island of Curacao, pun intended!



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